FuturePath HDPE

MicroDuct is bundled into an easy-to-handle unit known as FuturePath. FuturePath can be installed just like standard duct: open trench, aerial, directional drilled, plowed, or pulled into an existing conduit. When branching individual MicroDucts, there is no need for a special branching box. No special tools or equipment are required for installation.

HDPE Conduit Specifications Sheet





  • MicroDucts factory bundled with a polyethylene oversheath
  • Multiple configurations available
  • Cost-effective – multiple pathways for one installation cost
  • Ships on a standard reel
  • FuturePath is designed for installation using the same tools and equipment that are used for traditional conduit or innerduct.
  • No special tools or equipment are required.
  • Multiple pathways in place for future growth
  • Optional 20 gauge locate wire making locates easy and reliable
  • Footage/Meter Markings