FuturePath Armored HDPE

FuturePath Armored is designed to provide superior mechanical protection against rodents, ballistics, crush, chemicals, and moisture penetration in a direct bury or aerial application. The corrugated steel armor is coated with a corrosion-resistant copolymer and bonded with the HDPE jacket for superior protection in rugged environments.

HDPE Conduit Specifications Sheet



  • MicroDucts factory bundled with a polyethylene oversheath
  • Configurations: 19-way, 7-way or 4-way
  • Zetabon steel armor for protection in harsh environments or rodent protection
  • Cost-Effective – multiple pathways for one installation cost
  • Ships on a standard reel
  • FuturePath is designed for installation using the same tools and equipment that are used for traditional conduit or innerduct. No special tools or equipment are required.
  • Multiple pathways in place for future growth
  • Footage/Meter Markings