FuturePath Figure-8 HDPE

For a fast installation and the lowest deployment cost, nothing beats FuturePath Figure-8 Self-Support. Constructed with factory bundled MicroDucts and a polyethylene oversheath that incorporates a 1/4″ Extra High Strength Galvanized Steel Strand.

HDPE Conduit Specifications Sheet



  • MicroDucts factory bundled with a polyethylene oversheath
  • Configurations: 7-way, 4-way, 2-way
  • Extra High Strength Galvanized Steel Strand
  • Cost-Effective: multiple pathways for one installation cost
  • Ships on a Standard Reel
  • FuturePath Figure-8 is designed for installation using the same tools and equipment that are used for traditional conduit or innerduct; no special tools or equipment are required
  • Multiple pathways in place for future growth
  • Utilizes industry standard aerial strand hardware
  • Black UV outer sheath
  • Footage/Meter Markings