C-200 Multipurpose Cleaner

C-200 Multipurpose Cleaner is a versatile multipurpose cleaner and degreaser. It is effective in cleaning electrical cable insulation, fiber optic cable constructions, metal, electrical and mechanical parts. C-200 Multipurpose Cleaner evaporates completely, leaving no residue, and has no adverse effects on high and low density polyethylene, XLPE polyvinyl chloride, EPR or semi-conducting jackets.

C-200 Cleaner Specifications Sheet



  • Effective solvent-based cleaner for electrical cables
  • Does not contain ozone-depleting solvents or CFC’s
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Complete evaporation – leaves no conducting residue
  • Safe to work with – does not contain any known or suspected carcinogens
  • Mild odor, pleasant to work with – does not contain “citrus-based” solvents