F-300i Cable Lubricant

Hydralube® F-300i is a polymer-based, water soluble lubricant specifically formulated for placement of wire and cable for electric and telecommunications applications. The pourable gel consistency of Hydralube® F-300i allows for easy application in underground horizontal pulls, whether by pouring directly into the cable feeder tube or applying by pump, thus avoiding the mess of hand application.

Hydralube F-300i is designed to meet or exceed all cable pulling requirements with respect to viscosity drag, wetting, operation temperature range, and reduction of pulling friction.

F-300i Lubricant Specifications Sheet

General Lubricant Specifications Sheet



  • High performance pourable gel-type cable lubricant formulated for pulling heavy cable
  • Effective for all types of high voltage power cables
  • Effective for conventional copper telecommunication cables
  • Lower viscosity allows for easy pumping or pouring
  • Compatible with all types of cable
  • Slow drying, leaving a lubricating, non-adhesive film, will not “cement” cable to conduit
  • Safe to use: non-toxic, non-corrosive, nonflammable, and non-staining