AT-500 Cable Lubricant

Hydralube® AT-500 is a high performance silicone lubricant formulated specifically for use with compressed air-assisted cable blowing, jetting and pushing systems. These systems inject a high volume of air into the conduit which will rapidly dry out conventional cable placement lubricants (including silicone-based) and cause surface stickiness. Hydralube® AT-500 deposits a special low friction silicone coating on the conduit wall surface that is resistant to the drying effects of the rapid air movement and high heat. This product is fully compatible with cable jackets and HDPE or PVC conduit systems.

AT-500 Lubricant Specifications Sheet

General Lubricant Specifications Sheet




  • Silicone lubricant specially formulated for all air-assisted cable placement applications
  • Resistant to the drying effects of high volume air movement
  • Designed to leave a minute yet highly effective layer of silicone on the interior of the conduit
  • Superior friction reduction properties with no “viscous drag” effects on cable
  • Compatible with all types of cable and conduit