F-150i Cable Lubricant

HydraLube® F-150i incorporates new lubricant technology to create a high performance, water-based pourable lubricant formulated for many difficult applications, including extremely long pulls with multiple bends. It is designed to meet or exceed all cable pulling requirements with respect to viscosity, cling, drag, wetting, operational temperature range and reduction of pulling tension. Lubricant application systems are available. UL Listed.

F-150i Lubricant Specifications Sheet

General Lubricant Specifications Sheet



  • New technology for increased friction reduction; Will not be displaced by cables
  • Silicone modified for maximum friction reduction properties
  • Especially effective for placement of fiber optic, coaxial and other communications cables
  • Highly effective for placing high voltage power cables
  • Can be poured or pumped
  • Compatible with all types of cable jackets
  • Slow drying, leaves a lubricating, non-adhesive film
  • Available in wide range of package sizes, including bulk totes