CoExtruded HDPE

CoExtruded conduit is an ideal choice to provide visual utility or end use of conduit identification.

HDPE Conduit Specifications Sheet


Technical Specifications

  • The co-extruded Color Layer provides a full exterior color appearance
  • Color Layer is made from same HDPE as Inner Wall – performance properties are unaffected
  • Total Wall Thickness = Inner Black Wall Thickness + External Color Layer Thickness
  • Conduit dimensions meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM F 2160 for the wall type selected
  • The black inner wall has a minimum of 2% carbon black per condition C of ASTM D 3350
  • Co-extruded Color Layer has UV stabilizers and antioxidants per condition E of ASTM D 3350
  • Color fastness and UV protection performance for co-extruded conduit is equal to full wall colors and is suitable for storage outdoors for up to one year