Cable Puller 8000 lbs

Electric cable puller can be attached to 1″ and larger conduit with no loose parts. Self-contained unit has an integral high-torque 2-speed motor, with included footswitch speed control. Circuit breaker on motor switch stops the puller motor if it becomes overloaded.

Cable Puller Specifications Sheet


Technical Specifications

  • Pulling Force (Lb.): 10,000
  • Cable Capacity: 1200 ft w/(2) 90 Degrees Bends, 3 x 1000mcm Copper Cables, 4 x 500mcm Copper Cables, 4 x 750mcm Copper Cables, 750 ft w/(4) 90 Degrees Bends, 800 ft w/(3) 90 Degrees Bends
  • Motor: Two Speed High Torque Integral
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Amps: 20 A
  • Features: 2-Speed, Can Shift From High Speed/Low Load Pulling To Low Speed/High Load Pulling w/Foot Pedal Control Switch, No-Load High Speed Is 16 ft/min For Loads Up To 4000 lbs., No-Load Low Speed Is 9 ft/min For Loads Up To 8000 lbs.
  • Function: For Cable Pulling
  • Use With: 142kN min Breaking Strength, 7/8 in dia (22.2mm) Double-Braided Polyester Composite Rated at 32
  • Includes: Force Gauge And Conduit Chain Mount