Q Cable Hand Lasher

The Model Q hand-type Lasher is made for short span jobs such as splicing or repair, traffic light installation, control cables, aerial inserts for underground construction or any job that would be simpler with a hand-held, variable tension lasher. The Q Lasher adjusts easily according to how you wrap the wire around the tension rollers, and it is compatible with either .045″ or .061″ S-Type Lashing Wire.

The rugged body is made of cast aluminum with a removable flange for easy leading. Wire tension rollers are made of hardened, tool steel.


Maximum Lash Bundle Diameter: 1.9375″
Maximum Spool Length ft: 225 or 375
Maximum Strand Diameter: 1/2″
Overall Dimensions: 9-1/2″ x 5 x 3″
Weight kg: 0.9