Locatable Pull Tape

Bull-Line Locatable Tape is offered with a tracer wire for signal locating. The tracer wire is woven into Bull-Line Polyester Tape and provides a corrosion resistance conductor that is easily spliced in the field. Bull-Line Locatable Tape is made in the USA.

Woven Locatable Specifications Sheet

Bull Knot Joining Procedure 



  • Incorporates a tracer wire for signal locating
  • Corrosion resistant fibers and conductor
  • Accurate sequential foot or meter markings
  • Wire conductors can be easily spliced in the field
  • Can be factory pre-installed into conduit
  • 22AWG (Solid) BC Semi-Rigid PVC Insulated 300V
  • Conductor diameter 0.025 inches
  • Tensile strength range 500 lbs – 2,500 lbs