Optical Talk Set AOT600

The optical fiber telephone achieves full-duplex communication in single fiber by using WDM (wavelength division multiplex) Technology. Optical Talk Set AOT600 is designed to help technicians keep communication during optic fiber installation and maintenance via fiber optic cable.

Optical Talk Set Datasheet

Optical Talk Set User Guide


Technical Specifications

  • Model: AOT600
  • Wavelength: A 1310nm, B 1550nm
  • Operating Style: Full duplex communication
  • Output Power: > -5dBm
  • Fiber Type: SM
  • Dynamic Range*: SM fiber 45dB
  • Dynamic Distance*: SM fiber > 120 km
  • Connecting Adapter: FC / PC
  • Battery Charge: Optional
  • Operate Time: Above 12 hours
  • Power Supply: 2 * AA batteries or AC/DC adapter