MicroDucts HDPE

MicroDucts are a great way of getting the most versatility out of your current empty duct system. Why install one fiber cable when you could install multiple MicroDucts? Each MicroDuct is a pathway for fiber now or in the future. Expand your network as your needs require.

HDPE Conduit Specifications Sheet


Technical Specifications

  • HDPE MicroDucts are small starting at a 5 mm diameter
  • Co-extruded with SILICORE®ULF permanent lining to reduce friction on cable installs
  • Utilize space in an occupied duct
  • Revitalize existing networks with Over-Rides
  • Substantially reduce construction costs & deployment time
  • Install up to 432 count fiber MicroCables
  • Footage/Meter Markings
  • Internal Ribs