Low Smoke Zero Halogen

LSZH Conduit are verified to UL1685-4 and IEC 60754-1, exhibit excellent properties such as low flame propagation, low smoke generation, zero halogen emissions, and excellent low temperature mechanical properties. They are designed for use in applications where smoke, toxic fumes, and acidic gas pose a health risk and possible damage to electronic equipment.

Examples include enclosed public areas and poorly ventilated areas such as tunnels, mass transit corridors, behind-the-wall, control rooms, and confined spaces.

LSZH Conduit Specifications Sheet



  • LSZH: Low Smoke Zero Halogen
  • Available Smooth Out/Smooth In and Smooth Out/Ribbed In
  • Very low smoke generation for better visibility
  • No halogens, safer to use in confined spaces
  • ETL verified to UL1685-4, IEC 60754-1, IEEE-1202, NFPA-130
  • 150 PSI maximum installation pressure
  • Compatible with standard micro couplers and accessories
  • Footage/Meter Markings