HDPE Waste Water

HDPE pipe provides durability to avoid the high cost of replacing or rehabilitating. The piping safely delivers fluids without the leakage inherent with alternative piping materials. The lighter-weight result in savings for shipping, handling, and installation. And the inner surface of HDPE pipe provides a low resistance to liquid flow, reducing pumping and operating costs.


Technical Specifications

  • Camcore available in 2″ to 16″ IPS sizes
  • Standard available in 2″ to 54″
  • IPS and DIPS available
  • Stripes



  • Resistance to: Corrosion, Abrasions, Chemicals
  • Camcore polyethylene pipe enhances video inspection and lateral tap by utilizing a coextruded light color interior surface
  • Not attacked, corroded or degraded by hydrogen sulfide; assures long service
  • Immune to most chemicals, microbiological agents and scale build up
  • Flexibility and leak free joints; solves many unique problems that rigid concrete, PVC or ductile iron pipes cannot
  • Leak free heat fusion joints; keeps effluent inside the system and prevents infiltration that can overload treatment systems
  • Lightweight easy to install
  • Saves considerable time and money