Fiber Cleaver CLV-200B

Cleaving is the process by which an optical fiber is “cut” or precisely broken for termination or splicing. Properly done, the fiber will cleave with a clean surface perpendicular to the length of the fiber, with no protruding glass on either end.


Technical Specifications

  • Model: CLV-200B
  • Applications: Fusion Splicer
  • Bare Fiber Diameter: 125um
  • Coating Fiber Diameter: 250um, 900um
  • Cleaving length: 250um: 9~16mm, 900um: 10~16mm
  • Blade Life: 54000
  • FTTH Fiber Holder: Yes
  • Size(H*W*D): 62mm * 57mm * 51mm
  • Weight: About 260g