Conduit End Caps

End caps are used as a dust or dirt cover, protecting entry by any foreign objects. They also protect the inner contents from disturbance. We offer Flat Vinyl End Caps, Tapered Vinyl End Caps, or Cable End Caps to fit your installation needs.

End Cap Specifications Sheet



  • Flexible nature allows for easy installation
  • Excellent stay ability
  • Soft material cushions cable ends
  • Flat Vinyl End Caps are stocked in 1½” lengths.
  • Both Tapered and Cable End Caps are stocked in 2½” in length plus the taper/nipple for the cable to extend
  • -20°F to 300°F
  • Tapered and Cable End Caps are specially engineered for use with fiber optic installations
  • Tapered end permits the cable to protrude from the innerduct to allow for easy testing and connection