2″ X 2 Dielectric Cable Rack – Pack of 12

The Rack is a versatile cable support. Available in 2 sizes with 1, 2 or 3 saddles, the Rack is designed for all manhole, tunnel and vault applications. It bolts directly to the vault or manhole wall, making it ideal for new installations or retrofit jobs. The Rack is non-conductive and will never rust or corrode. Grounding and insulators are no longer necessary. The Rack has the same loading capacity as comparable steel cable racks.


  • Nonmetallic
  • Length 21.75″
  • Will not Rust or Corrode
  • For Power and Communication Cables
  • No Grounding or Bonding
  • For Temporary Support or Permanent Installation
  • Insulators are not required
  • Excellent Dielectric Properties
  • For Tunnels with Curved Walls, Vaults or Manholes
  • No Need to Tie Cable To Rack – Just Drop Them In, or, Lock Them in With our Slip-on Lock